Putting AIMs to Work

June 7, 2024
Automated inspection machines help manufacturers meet stringent regulatory standards.

Antares Vision Group develops modular automated inspection machines (AIMs) that cater to the diverse needs of the pharmaceutical industry, offering both in-line and off-line inspection capabilities for a wide array of products.

These machines, Control Design reports, incorporate advanced machine vision and artificial intelligence to enhance inspection accuracy and efficiency.

AIMs are designed for flexibility, handling various container types such as glass vials, ampules, plastic bottles and prefilled syringes, making them highly adaptable across different pharmaceutical segments. They are capable of inspecting a range of product forms, including liquids, powders and lyophilized products, ensuring comprehensive quality control.

Fully automatic AIMs utilize sophisticated cameras, lighting and software algorithms to autonomously detect defects, significantly outperforming semi-automatic machines in speed and accuracy. AI enhances inspection by reducing false rejects and enabling predictive maintenance through the analysis of vast amounts of image data and sensor information.

AIMs also integrate various leak detection technologies and head space gas analysis within the inspection process, streamlining operations and saving space. These advanced features help manufacturers meet stringent regulatory standards, ensuring drug efficacy, quality and sterility while optimizing production efficiency and reducing costs.

Partner publication Control Design explores Antares Vision Group’s AIMs in more depth in its full article.

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