Automatic Identification


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Tracking Progress in Manufacturing

With increased automation comes a rising need for more automated ways to identify the parts and materials in production. RFID and Bluetooth technologies are expanding to meet the demand in new environments.
Taking a Bite Out of Crime

Taking a Bite Out of Crime

Serialization innovations from edible barcodes to invisible fingerprints are making strides in the manufacturing fight to reduce counterfeit products in the supply chain and stop...
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Caught In "The Act”

Pharmaceutical companies will pay a price if they don’t abide by the FDA’s Drug Supply Chain Security Act—and if they do. So invest wisely in serialization for compliance and ...
Source: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory - Testing DNATrax

Foiling Food Fraud

A new report forecasts growth in the anti-counterfeit food and beverage packaging market. Technologies of choice include holograms, RFID, and the emerging area of invisible, edible...
Ben Langstraat of Interstates Control Systems Inc.

RFID: Getting the Best Read

Every application of radio frequency identification in industrial manufacturing presents unique challenges. Establishing performance expectations early on and fine tuning for ...
Airbus’ Factory of the Future incorporates 3D real-time visualization and RFID tracking.

Internet of Things Gains Real World Traction

The hype around the Internet of Things concept has been pulsing heavy for a few years now. Recent announcements make it clear that the Internet of Things is quickly materializing...
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Track Parts and Materials on the Fly

Using the latest RFID and image-based technologies, manufacturers like Lockheed are going beyond barcodes to gather real-time data on materials, subassemblies and processes. This...

Product Tracking Flash Forward: The Future of Material Handling

In January 2014, a community of about 100 thought leaders published a report called The Material Handling & Logistics U.S. Roadmap, which identifies 10 major trends in the economy...


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ANCA to Launch AutoMarkX, an Automated Laser Marking System at EMO 2021

The AutoMarkX is an automatic stand-alone laser marking station.
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IDEM Non-Contact Guard Locking RFID Coded Safety Switches from AutomationDirect

IDEM non-contact RFID coded safety switches from AutomationDirect are designed to provide interlock protection on hinged, sliding, or removable guard doors. These switches are...
Handheld RFID Reader Can Read Multiple Tags at Long Range

Handheld RFID Reader Can Read Multiple Tags at Long Range

Balluff’s BIS U-890 Ultra High Frequency (UHF) handheld RFID reader simplifies mobile data collection.
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Compact RFID Interface

The TBEN-S-RFID interface from Turck has an IP67 rating.


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Image Based Barcode Reader

Cognex's Data Man 374 with torch light leverages high-speed liquid lens with a distance sensor built in to focus on the fly.
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2-D code reader gets connectivity, lighting upgrades and more

Straight from the Pack Expo 2013 show floor, see the latest features Datalogic Automation has packed into the Matrix 300 2-D bar-code reading system. Find out how the integrated...
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Pack Expo 2012: Cognex Dataman 302 top side scanning of 1-D barcodes.

Reads through plastic, reads omni-directionally, including high-powered illumination for accurate reading of variable height packages. Readers can be networked together and integrated...
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Video: Issue Preview for October

Watch and listen to this short video on what's coming in the October issue of Automation World. AW editors present the latest information on Internet of Things (M2M), wireless...