IEC Explores Standards for Automation

Dec. 12, 2023
The IEC's dedication to standardization extends to various technology areas, including AI, biometrics, cybersecurity, data management and software and systems engineering, aligning with United Nations' Sustainability Goals.

Partner publication Control recently discussed the key topics addressed at the 2023 general assembly of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and highlighted aspects that would be of interest to automation engineers.

The emerging technologies covered include the metaverse, bio-digital convergence, quantum technologies and artificial intelligence ecosystems. In the realm of automation and control, a relevant standard is ISO/IEC 18038, focusing on sensor information processing for representation in mixed and augmented reality for applications like operator training and real-time immersive simulations.

Bio-digital convergence explores the integration of biological processes with digital technologies, showcasing applications such as using insects with mounted microchips for remote control to aid in rescue operations and embedding technology into clothing for real-time health data reporting.

To learn more about emerging technologies and the IEC, read the full article from Control.