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Emerson draws upon over 125 years of global experience in developing innovative solutions to optimize operational performance, improve efficiencies, preserve data and increase equipment longevity. Our comprehensive line of SolaHD™ products stretch from entrances to load points to communications networks throughout facilities, making our total power quality solutions indispensable for virtually any industry.

Total power quality involves both power protection and power conversion. Power conversion choices made upstream can impact the type of power protection required downstream. Only Emerson’s SolaHD™ products and expertise can save you time, money and space with combined power protection and conversion solutions that are right for your facility.

Power Supplies
Power Supplies and Uninterruptible Power Supplies provide clean, consistent power. Both products safeguard equipment from power anomalies, such as fluctuations through complete power failures. Power Supply and UPS systems can also offer power conditioning benefits by filtering noise, harmonics and dangerous frequency variations.

Power Protection and Conditioning
Surge Protectors and Power Conditioners insulate equipment from the transient noise, voltage surges, harmonics and changing voltage conditions that cause 95% of all power quality issues.

Power Conversion
Transformers regulate voltage anywhere that the available voltage must be changed to accommodate electrical circuit or equipment requirements. Transformers are designed and built in a vast range of configurations to meet requirements for variables, such as size, heat, voltage capacity and environmental conditions.

Service and Support
Selecting the proper power quality solution for your application can be tricky. Experienced and dedicated sales representatives can help you make the right choice, every time. Representatives are available for stock and support help.

SolaHD™ products power the most demanding applications and environments. They can be used in conjunction or alone to ensure controlled, reliable power at any part of the factory floor or machinery. We provide a complete line of products designed to neutralize the entire range of power disturbances throughout facilities. For more than 90 years, our customers have counted on SolaHD™ products for total power quality solutions.

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