Voice of the Customer Podcast: Cohu’s Joel Peavy on motion control and industrial I/O

Automation World’s new Voice of the Customer podcast features end user automation engineers sharing their experiences with applications, challenges, and solutions.

This inaugural episode features Joel Peavy, an end user controls engineer with a 20-year career ranging from designing high-power systems for particle accelerators to working as Principle Imagineer at WDI, Walt Disney Imagineering.

In this episode Joel talks with podcast host Brian Fisher about the kinds of applications he’s working on in his current role as engineering manager for semi-conductor OEM Cohu, the criteria he uses for selecting automation components and suppliers, and lessons learned on how to work most effectively with automation suppliers. Joel tells of how he overcame a problem in a complex motion control project involving drives and motors from different manufacturers – using components that played together well in the past but didn’t in the current application.

This episode is sponsored by Mitsubishi Electric Automation, which offers a wide range of automation solutions, a robust distribution network, and extensive training and support. Visit https://smartcity.mitsubishisolutions.com.

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