Voice of the Customer Podcast: Accudyne’s Stephan Zweidler on resources for overcoming component selection challenges

Jan. 20, 2022
End-user and OEM automation engineers share their experiences with applications, challenges and solutions in Automation World’s Voice of the Customer podcast series.

Episode 2 features Stephan Zweidler from custom equipment builder Accudyne Systems. He began his career as an ammunitions system specialist in the U.S Air Force and spent more than a decade with an automotive OEM and another in technology development and deployment between the defense and private sectors, including a stint at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. He is now a partner and director of technical sales and marketing at Accudyne Systems in Newark, Delaware

Most automation engineers build relationship with key suppliers over the course of their careers, relying on them for help in component selection. These relationships become even more important when components that should work together suddenly don’t. Then it becomes all-hands-on-deck, often requiring multiple suppliers to work together to identify the source of a problem and how to solve it.

Stephan recounts how the resources available from these trusted relationships helped resolve a major component incompatibility issue that unexpectedly arose when Accudyne was building a new machine.

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