Voice of the Customer Podcast: Douglas Rheinheimer, head of studio services at Paramount Pictures, talks about the most important things he’s learned in his 30-year engineering career

End-user and OEM automation engineers share their experiences, challenges and solutions with host Brian Fisher in Automation World’s Voice of the Customer podcast series.

Douglas Rheinheimer has spent 30 years in engineering, first in the manufacturing and food processing industries, then joining Paramount Pictures 13 years ago as senior vice president of studio services for their 62-acre site in Hollywood, CA. “It’s essentially a little city,“ he explains, with 120 structures and systems ranging from information technology and automation to energy management and maintenance.

Rheinheimer oversees the work of more than 150 professionals involved in maintaining and improving operations at the studio. As he’s introduced new technologies, he’s learned the importance of training for his team. “You want to make sure you have the tools, make sure the person has the training, and then also has a little bit of experience before day one.”

Episode 4 in this podcast series is sponsored by Newark, a leading distributor of industrial and electronic components from around the world to the North American market.

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