Open Automation Provides True Value

Feb. 12, 2024
Schneider Electric provides a comprehensive overview of the benefits and challenges associated with adopting software-centric open automation.

Partner publication Control recently spoke to Domenico Napoli from Schneider Electric, who highlighted the shift towards a plug-and-produce paradigm in the evolving landscape of automation in industrial environments.

Open automation provides a broader array of choices for operators, end-users, OEMs and integrators. Openness facilitates interoperability without sacrificing security, contrary to common misconceptions. By segregating software from hardware, open automation enables flexibility in hardware selection while promoting collaboration across different vendors, reducing complexity, and streamlining operations.

Additionally, Napoli introduces event-driven programming, expanding the pool of skilled workers and enhancing organizational collaboration through tools like EcoStruxure Automation Expert.

The emphasis on interoperability, cybersecurity and simplification resonates with professionals seeking efficient solutions for upgrading process control systems. The discussion around event-driven programming and collaborative tools not only highlights the technical advancements but also addresses workforce dynamics, offering insights into how automation platforms are evolving to accommodate diverse skill sets.

Learn more about Napoli’s views on open automation and more in this article from Control.