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Proving the Reliability of Cloud-Based Control

Like many engineers, we had reservations about cloud-based control systems. We’ve since learned that, for processes that are not safety related or require millisecond scan times, cloud-based control is highly effective and can cost significantly less.
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6 Key Industrial Technology Trends

ABI Research studies show significant growth trends around industrial cybersecurity, digital transformation, machine tools, supply chain IoT devices, augmented and virtual reality...

Industrial Metaverse Development Accelerates

Aveva positions the industrial metaverse as a clear goal of its technology development as more players become active in the space.

Software-as-a-Service and Its Impact on Industrial Software

As industrial software moves from on-premises to the cloud, the purchase process, updates, data sharing, and application capabilities are all impacted.

Emerson’s Plantweb Incorporates AspenTech Software to Expand Automation Capabilities

A vision of “boundless automation” underscores Emerson’s expansion of Plantweb capabilities to more easily manage, connect, and deliver operations and IT data across the enterprise...
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Updating Industrial Control Logic On-the-Fly

Koidra combines machine learning, IoT, math, and physics to automate operational precision.

Responding to Disruption with Sustainable Technology and Leadership

Schneider Electric lays out its sustainability and digital transformation strategy to help industry address the ongoing series of disruptions impacting business.
Jeff Winters of Microsoft presents at Inductive Automation's Ignition Community Conference 2022.

Digitalization Changes Everyone’s Job

With a direct, high-level view of the impacts across industry, Microsoft’s Jeff Winter says when digital transformation is successful, it fundamentally changes everyone’s job....


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Vulnerability Management Solution

New PAS Cyber Integrity 6.0 exposes hidden vulnerabilities in industrial facilities.
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Wireless Vibration Sensor for Condition Monitoring

The Fluke 3560 FC wireless vibration sensor is small enough to fit in hard-to-reach places and affordable enough to place on multiple locations on equipment.
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IoT Edge Device

The SeaConnect 370 Internet of Things edge device from Sealevel Systems allows users to monitor and control processes and trigger actions with SeaCloud, a cloud-based, built-in...
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IoT Gateway from Mitsubishi Electric and ILS Technology

Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. and ILS Technology, a Telit company, announced that they have collaborated on the e-Factory IoT Gateway, Mitsubishi Electric’s new Machine...


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Industry Shapes the Future of Automation

Companies such as Pfizer, Shell, ExxonMobil, and Intel show the value of automation and where it’s headed through their use of specific technologies.
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Artificial Intelligence Operates Chemical Plant

A look at how Yokogawa’s AI technology controlled a JSR chemical plant for 35 days and how manufacturers are using AI to analyze sensor data.
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Cloud Computing, Industrial Autonomy, and Corporate Sustainability

By enabling industrial autonomy, use of the industrial cloud can have a significant impact on corporate sustainability initiatives.
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The Evolution of Robotics Engineering

Otto Motors and HP offer simulation and 3D printing technologies to improve robot performance.