New Solar Farm in Texas to Power Danfoss’ North American Facilities

June 28, 2023
A new partnership between Danfoss North America and CIG Capital Advisors will help Danfoss achieve its ESG goals

CIG Capital Advisors announced the construction of a six-square-mile solar farm in the Texas panhandle, from which Danfoss North America will purchase approximately 75 megawatts of solar power starting in 2025.

Danfoss’ investment represents about 15% of the farm’s projected capacity of 509 MW. The company anticipates being able to fully replace its annual North American electricity usage with green energy from the farm through at least 2037, helping it reach its environmental, social and governance goals.

Terms for the initial agreement include a contract between Danfoss and CIG Capital Advisors for 12 years.

To learn more about the new partnership between Danfoss and CIG Capital Advisors, read the full story from Control here.

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