Device Management Must Change As Industry Changes

June 24, 2024
With device management software, reliability teams gain real-time visibility into the health and configuration of plant devices, facilitating predictive maintenance.
Today's reliability teams benefit from a variety of advanced tools to optimize maintenance routines, including devices running on Android and iOS, hardened laptops and specialized handheld communicators. However, the traditional method of regularly scheduled maintenance may not be the most effective approach.
As plants undergo digital transformation, they are increasingly implementing comprehensive device management software alongside handheld communicators, partner publication Control wrote. This combination allows for advanced diagnostics, documentation, calibration management and device configuration, leading to more efficient use of personnel and enabling them to focus on more value-added tasks.
Device management software integration enables immediate notifications of potential issues, allowing for remote troubleshooting and reducing the need for frequent field visits. This approach ensures that devices operate within specifications, critical for meeting operational benchmarks and sustainability goals.
The software also simplifies calibration management, tracking device performance trends and optimizing calibration schedules. Automation engineers will appreciate how these advancements in device management streamline processes, minimize human error and support the drive toward more sustainable and efficient plant operations.

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