Analyzer System for Water / Wastewater Monitoring

June 1, 2011
The modular S10 Ion Selective Electrode (ISE), Compressor and Analyzer System allows process and plant engineers to maintain accurate measurement of multiple common water/wastewater parameters, reduces maintenance cycles and extends sensor life to decrease technician time and reduce plant operating costs.

The system features the company’s AC10 Air Blast Spray Cleaner designed for sensor self-cleaning and the multi-channel C22 Smart Controller. The S10 immersion/insertion style sensor is a rugged, re-buildable unit featuring a 316 stainless steel body with a sensing element, a temperature module and a signal conditioner for the process variable. Ion-specific cartridges are available for the measurement of Ammonium, Bromide, Chloride, Cyanide, Fluoride, Sulfide, Calcium, Potassium and Sodium ions. In addition to specific ions, the S10 sensor can also be configured for the measurement of pH, ORP, DO and conductivity/resistivity. The AC10 Air Blast Spray Cleaner is available with either a 115 VAC 3.0 Amp or 220 VAC 1.3 Amp air compressor. Its fiberglass reinforced polyester enclosure can be wall mounted or mounted to a 2-inch handrail. The C22 smart controller uses its internal timers and relays to control the period and duration of the AC10 Spray Cleaner’s cleaning cycles. Its multi-bus architecture allows up to four sensor inputs, six outputs and eight relays to be attached.

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