Versatile Colorimetric Online Analyzer

The CA-6 Colorimetric Online Analyzer performs colorimetric or Ion Selective Electrode (ISE)-based laboratory analyses.

Aw 1008 1101 P Ecdi
Well-suited for water and wastewater analysis in the chemical, municipal, pharmaceutical and power industries, the analyzer is available with up to 4 channels, each from a separate sample point. It uses photometric differential absorbance to analyze more than 20 common parameters, including: aluminum, silica, phosphate, iron and sulfate. It offers repeatability of ±2% on the absorbance value if the turbidity <80 NTU and drift of ±2% per month on the absorbance measurement. It operates in a temperature range of 5 to 50°C. The analyzer improves sample measurements by reducing the volume of conditioning chemicals required and minimizing the associated waste. Numerous analysis configurations can be programmed, depending on the accessories and the number of micro-pumps mounted in the liquids enclosure.

Electro-Chemical Devices Inc.

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