Siemens Hires Patti Engineering to Support its Water and Wastewater Improvement Project

May 20, 2014
Patti Engineering, Inc., a leader in control system integration, announced it has been hired by Siemens Industry’s Infrastructure & Cities Sector to support its City of Fair Oaks Ranch, TX infrastructure project.
Patti Engineering, Inc., a leader in control system integration, announced it has been hired by Siemens Industry’s Infrastructure & Cities Sector to support its City of Fair Oaks Ranch, TX infrastructure project. Planned improvements will save energy and conserve water through investment in new, energy-efficient, environmentally responsible technology and equipment. Using automation and wireless Ethernet technology, the city’s water and wastewater management systems, currently utilizing mostly manual systems, will be upgraded to a reliable state-of-the-art energy and resource efficient system.
Patti Engineering will be designing and implementing a new supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system and Human Machine Interfaces (HMI’s) to allow for central control and management of equipment. Installation of the latest generation Siemens Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) on equipment at the city’s wells, lift stations, and elevated storage tanks will ensure communications to the new SCADA system.  Wireless communication will be established to replace auto-dialers eliminating the high cost of phone lines. 
The city’s twenty eight wells,  seven lift stations, and eight elevated storage tanks will wirelessly communicate information and alarming directly through the new user-friendly SCADA system to provide pertinent valve position,  tank level,  pressure, and pump information on desktop and mobile devices in real-time. Authorized City workers will now have the ability to monitor and control the City’s wells, lift stations and elevated storage tanks equipment without having to spend hours driving around town to each station and tank.
“It was a pleasure working with Patti Engineering on the development of a SCADA system to be incorporated into our Performance Contract with the City of Fair Oaks Ranch.   Their local support and technical expertise helped our team develop a solution for our customer’s needs.  The proposed SCADA system will help the City of Fair Oaks Ranch save energy and operational cost associated with their water and wastewater infrastructure and backup power needs,” explains Chad Nobles, Executive Accounts, EES, Siemens Industry’s Infrastructure & Cities Sector. “Patti Engineering’s ability to create a flexible and cost effective solution met our standards and criteria, as well as our customer’s.”
Siemens will also be replacing aging and inefficient water meters with automated meter reading (AMR) technology. The new automatic water meters will wirelessly transmit consumption data and allow the city to account for every customer’s daily usage, eliminating human error. The new meters will be more accurate and streamline reading routines—freeing staff resources and reducing expenses associated with the manual reading of the city’s old meters.
The project is being funded through Siemens Guaranteed Performance-based Solutions Contract which allows cities an alternative funding method for facility and capital improvements that reduces energy use, operation costs, and labor. This is paid for from the guaranteed savings generated from implementing process improvements for the facility. The anticipated payback period for the City of Fair Oaks is fourteen years.
Patti Engineering is a CSIA Certified control system integrator and a Siemens Automation Solution Partner. Partnering with Siemens, Patti Engineering can provide comprehensive water and wastewater infrastructure renovation and expansion solutions. Siemens Guaranteed Performance-based Solutions Contract can provide cities with tight municipal budgets an alternative funding method.
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