Emerson: Magnetic Flowmeter for Utility, Water, and Wastewater Applications

The Rosemount 8750W offers reliability and advanced process insight in an intuitive, easy to use solution specifically designed for utility flow measurement.

Aw 88500 1510np Emerson

The unit is suitable for water distribution in any process plant, cooling and heating water, water management, influent and effluent flows, wastewater, and desalination. Reliability is enhanced through welded coil housing for protection against moisture ingress, a dual compartment transmitter housing to keep electronics fully isolated from moisture, and a replaceable terminal block that allows easy repair in the field without the need to replace the entire meter. Intelligent diagnostics help users take advantage of improved installation, maintenance, and process management practices. SMART Meter Verification, grounding and wiring fault detection, and electrode coating detection are available ; the SMART Meter Verification diagnostic enables calibration in the field without shutting down the process or requiring complicated external equipment. To simplify use, all meter information can be quickly accessed through the easy-to-use Local Operator Interface, ProLink III, 475 Field Communicator, or AMS Suite predictive maintenance software.

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