Industrial Cellular RTUs with 4G LTE Support Now Available in Japan

Red Lion Controls' RAM industrial cellular RTUs now provide high-speed 4G LTE network support in Japan.

This follows the company's recent announcement of global 4G LTE multi-carrier cellular support for major carriers throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia. Extending RAM platform to support 4G LTE cellular networks in Japan now enables users worldwide to easily connect, monitor and control high-bandwidth applications in markets including oil and gas, water/wastewater, factory automation, utility and transportation. As manufacturing and industrial organizations continue to migrate from legacy fixed-line infrastructures to scalable high-performance networks, comprehensive solutions will serve as the critical communication platform between facilities and equipment in disparate locations. The RTUs' built-in event engine enables users to configure the RAM platform's intuitive web-based interface to trigger actions based on pre-defined alarm values. For example, if a tank level is too high or valve pressure out of range, the event engine will not only cycle a relay to stop a pump or open a valve, but can also send SMS text messages to alert when actions should be taken. This helps automation engineers, technicians, production managers and network operators make critical decisions. By providing data visibility, control and real-time notifications on field-deployed equipment and processes, the platform enables organizations to take advantage of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

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