900 MHz Radios for OEM and Embedded Applications

The ZumLink Z9-PC from FreeWave Technologies is designed to function in rugged environments for a variety of IIoT applications, including defense, precision agriculture, oil and gas, unmanned systems, smart cities and utilities.

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The radio provides versatility, flexibility and programmability for industries in need of future-proof IIoT technology. It uses the company’s ZumBoost Network Acceleration Pack, with compression, packet aggregation, forward error correction, and patent-pending Adaptive Spectrum Learning technology to ensure maximum throughput. Additional features include five RF link rates from 115.2 kbps to 4 Mbps; 128-bit and 256-bit AES counter mode encryption; multiple link rates, channel sizes and modulations and choice of frequency hopping and single channel. Future iterations will feature full programmability with third-party applications, a clear differentiator for wireless within the Industrial IoT, and will include the ZumIQ App Server with the ability to host third-party applications at the edge of IIoT networks.

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