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Training with Workflow and Simulation Software

Proper training is critical to ensuring the next generation of workers' success. Here’s a look at how simulation and workflow software technologies are helping industrial companies...
Emerson Delta V Sim

The Case for Cloud-Based Engineering and Simulation Software

By providing low-risk training, always up-to-date cybersecurity, and no need to manage on-site technology, Emerson’s DeltaV Simulation Cloud illustrates why more industrial companies...
The Dow Inc. and Siemens testbed at MxD.

Enabling the Industrial Workforce for a Mobile Future

Siemens, Dow, and MxD are working together to demonstrate how the mobile workforce of tomorrow can be realized with today’s technologies.
Photo Credit: John Deere
John Deere's 8R autonomous tractor.

John Deere Debuts Autonomous Tractor: “One Giant Robot”

The 8R tractor is a step towards solving labor and productivity challenges, but the move to autonomous farming is a five-stage journey.
To bridge the IT/OT divide, OT personnel will need to become more familiar with IT methodologies, and IT personnel will need to spend more time familiarizing themselves with the nuts and bolts of OT.

Solving the Industrial Skills Gap

While the skills gap facing industry has been well publicized, overcoming the challenges it presents requires a targeted approach that considers the nuances of the problem.
Bob Patrick

Why You Should Invest in a Training Program for Your Employees

In today's job market, its essential to consider implementing a training program for new employees. Discover why Superior Controls created their automation training program and...
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How Automation is Helping Industry Adapt to Today’s Workforce Reality

Though it represents one of the greater job skill challenges for new entrants, technology is increasingly viewed as a key attractor for the next-generation industrial workforce...


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Digital Workflow Tools for Knowledge Transfer Across Operations

J.M. Smucker, Covestro, Pretium use digital workflows for factory, field workers.
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Public-Private Partnerships for Vocational Training

Collaboration between industry, government, and academic institutions is increasingly becoming the go-to strategy for remedying the skills gap.