Next-generation servos for smart factories

April 1, 2020

Better machine performance and the advancing of smart factory solutions will be enabled by the introduction of Mitsubishi Electric’s new series of servo systems, the general-purpose AC servo MELSERVO-J5 series. MELSERVO-J5 offers predictive maintenance powered by Maisart® artificial intelligence within the servo itself and can control up to 256 axes of motion.

This is the world’s first servo system to support the CC-Link IE TSN next-generation industrial open network. It provides higher machine speeds and greater accuracy. Servo amplifiers with 3.5 kHZ frequency response times help to shorten cycle times for production equipment. Servo motors are equipped with high-resolution encoders (67,108,864 pulses/rev), decreasing torque fluctuation for accurate and stable positioning.

HK rotary servo motors connect to both 200V and 400V power supply servo amplifiers, enabling more flexible system construction and greater design freedom for machine builders. To reduce maintenance, the motors are equipped with the industry’s smallest battery-less absolute encoder with a unique self-power-generating structure. Power and encoder connections are simplified into a single cable and connector to save time and space during installation.

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