Sleeve-Actuated Calibration Connection Devices

July 18, 2011
FasTest announces an enhanced 60G-CF04 connector, designed to simply attach to a 1/4-inch Swagelok® fitting.

The 60G-CF04 is part of FasTest's FasCal line of 60 Series connectors. These sleeve-actuated connectors provide fast, safe and repeatable connections to a wide variety of thread profiles commonly used in process and manufacturing industries for filling, pressure and leak testing, and instrument calibration. Connectors in the 60 Series line are also compatible with 1/8-inch, 1/4-inch and 1/2-inch NPT, SAE 37-degree Flare "AN" and compression fittings. The line is also well suited for use with common process application fittings: double ferrule compression style fittings, as well as AN 37-degree flare male threads.

Inserting the male threaded end into the connector and pushing the latching sleeve forward completes the connection process. To release the connector, test operators can easily remove the test and pressure, and pull back the latching sleeve. Unlike traditional methods of sealing, FasCal 60G-CF04 connectors do not require tape sealant or torque, which is typically applied via wrenches. By eliminating tape and sealants that can contaminate process media and plug ports, these connectors minimize thread wear and damage, as well as worker fatigue.

FasCal 60G-CF04 connectors feature rugged stainless steel construction, withstanding a wide range of process environments. Connectors are small, light and easy-to-use. Rated for pressures up to 750 psi, FasCal 60G-CF04 connectors provide a cost-effective alternative to high-pressure calibration connectors for process applications. Connectors can work in conjunction with the FasCal Manifold System for leak-tight connections to up to four different devices simultaneously.

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