New Photometer Simplifies Measurement

July 1, 2011
Engineers in search of a complete measurement system suite for free chlorine, total chlorine and chlorine dioxide will want to learn more about the FCLA 7000 eXact Photometer from Sensorex, which provides economical field spot testing, as well as fixed sensor calibration support for the Sensorex FCL400 Series Free Chlorine Sensor and CLD400 Series Chlorine Dioxide Sensor.

The environmentally friendly and highly accurate FCLA7000 eXact 7 Photometer is EPA-compliant for regulatory testing and carries the CE mark. Economical and user-friendly, it comes with 1000 test strips to perform free chlorine tests at 0-6ppm. It can also utilize Sensorex's HR strips to test from 6-11 ppm or an additional glycine strip to bind chlorine for chlorine dioxide measurement.

Offering high value, the FCLA7000 eXact Photometer delivers comparable performance to models costing three times as much. It utilizes a 525 nm LED light source to deliver high accuracy measurement of free chlorine from 0-11 ppm or chlorine dioxide at 0-6.5 ppm with photometric precision of ± 0.1/0.01%T and transmission range of 100-0.00%T. It operates over a wide temperature range of 0-50°C (32-122°F).

The eXact Photometer features a three-digit customized liquid crystal display with annunciators, automatically displaying 0.01 or 0.1 resolution. It can perform more than 2000 tests without having to replace its 4 AAA Alkaline batteries. The eXact Photometer features Electromagnetic Compliance (EMC) of Emitted Interference - EN 61326 and Immunity of Interference - EN 61326.

FCL400 Series Free Chlorine Sensor
The versatile and low-maintenance FCL400 Series Free Chlorine Sensor delivers a low lifetime cost of ownership, utilizing amperometric technology for real-time free chlorine measurement. It is available in three different measurement ranges: 0-2ppm, 0-5ppm and 0-10ppm. The FCL Series sensor's long-life design reduces maintenance cycles, which lowers lifecycle costs with less frequent sensor membrane cap/solution replacement and reduced installation time.

The FCL Sensor features a 4-20 mA direct output. Its sensor operates in a range of 5.5-8.0 pH, a temperature range of 0-45°C (32-113°F) and at a maximum pressure of 14.7 psig (1 Bar). The 4-20mA output signal produced by the FCL Series is compatible with both Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and Distributed Control Systems (DCS) to easily support a wide range of applications from small stand-alone, single-point measurement stations to large plant wide network systems.

CLD400 Series Chlorine Dioxide Sensor
The flexible, low-maintenance CLD Series Chlorine Dioxide Sensor offers real-time chlorine dioxide (ClO2) measurement with an advanced amperometric sensor. It is available in both 0-2 ppm and 0-10 ppm measurement ranges. Its long-life design reduces maintenance cycles and lowers lifecycle costs by reducing sensor membrane cap/solution replacement and installation time.

The CLD's sensor operates over a range of 4-11 pH, at temperatures from 0-45°C (32-113°F) and at a maximum pressure of 14.7 psig (1 Bar) and features a 4-20 mA output which is compatible with both Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and Distributed Control Systems (DCS). Both the FCL and CLD Series Sensors can be easily installed into existing Sensorex flow cell configurations or used to directly replace sensors from other manufacturers.

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