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June 30, 2011
WAGO Corporation adds three new connectors to its WINSTA® MINI and MIDI Connection Systems.

The MINI 890 Series, which anchors the WINSTA® family, receives 4- and 5-pole units for space-restricted applications. Mid-range MIDI 770 Series adds a new 2-pole connector, enabling MIDI to continue providing the broadest array of connectors for standard installations.

WINSTA® MINI's 4- and 5-Pole Plug and Socket Connectors join existing 2- and 3-pole connectors. Engineered for modern lighting fixtures, such as LED luminaires, WINSTA® MINI is rated up to 600V and 14A (16 AWG). WINSTA® MINI carries a UL Current Interruption Rating of 5A, 600V for disconnection under load, providing safe swap-out of components such as drivers or LED modules.

Aimed at high-bay fluorescent fixtures and other electrical installations, a new 2-Pole Plug and Socket Connectors join WINSTA® MIDI 3-, 4- and 5-pole units. The plug-and-play 2-Pole connectors are rated up to 600V and 20A (12 AWG) and carry a UL Current Interruption Rating of 10A, 600V. Thus, MIDI is a safe means of disconnection for hot-swappable components such as pumps and small motors. MIDI options include snap-mount, flying lead and distribution connectors that enable use of pre-configured assemblies, streamlining on-site installations.

About WINSTA® Pluggable Connection Systems:
WINSTA® MIDI accommodates conductors AWG 20-12 up to 20A; MINI accommodates AWG 22-16 up to 14A. Both feature 2- to 5-pole plug and socket modules for cord-end or snap-in panel mounting; various pluggable distributors (e.g., T-connectors, H-connectors); as well as distribution boxes. Terminations are easy, vibration-proof and maintenance-free. Safety features: touch-proof housings and connections that are 100% safeguarded from mismating - coding is optional. Mated pairs incorporate optional Positive Locking to ensure halves stay properly connected.

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