DIN-rail Mounted, Single-Phase Power Supplies

June 16, 2011
Weidmuller announces the introduction of a new series of industrial power supplies- the PRO-H.

The PRO-H line is a new generation of high performance, DIN-rail mounted, single-phase power supplies designed to work reliably even under the most demanding conditions. A high power reserve guarantees reliable start-up of loads with high inrush currents, such as motor starting applications. Excellent electrical specifications and high immunity against fluctuations in input voltage make these compact modules the best choice to power sensitive loads in industrial process control systems, machine tools or other demanding industrial applications.

Weidmuller's new PRO-H line of single-phase power supplies are available in nine models, ranging from 12VDC through 48VDC output voltage, and up to 25A output currents. This voltage range enables the PRO-H power supplies to be used in virtually any single-phase application. "The breadth of this line, coupled with one of the smallest form factors with hazardous approvals, makes for a solid solution in the process applications," said Bruce Hofmann, Director of Marketing.

The entire PRO-H series includes innovative features such as integrated overvoltage temperature protection, available diagnostic output, external shutdown ability, a power OK signal, and convenient remote ON/OFF functions which make the units easy to maintain or troubleshoot.

Two redundancy models are also included. Using a redundancy module and two PRO-H power supplies, users can configure a highly reliable, truly redundant power system without any additional components. This module enforces the equivalent sharing of the output current by each power supply. The system is fully redundant and provides output power even if one power supply has completely failed, for example via a short circuit on the output. In the event that either power supply fails or is disconnected, the second unit will automatically supply the full current to the load. The redundancy of the system is monitored, and if lost is indicated by an alarm output. As an added benefit the inputs are hot swappable and can be loaded up to 25A each.

Designed for use in harsh industrial environments, the PRO-H series are true industrial power supplies and carry hazardous location approvals (Class 1, Division 2) including CSA, UL, and ATEX. They feature a rugged metal housing, are vibration- and shock-proof, and have an operating temperature range of -25?C to +70?C.

The PRO-H offers users easy installation with detachable screw-in terminal blocks and snap-on DIN-rail mounting. For added flexibility, mounting tabs are included for direct panel mount.

Weidmuller - www.weidmuller.com

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