Operator Training Simulator

May 25, 2011
Yokogawa Corporation of America Education Center is proud to announce its partnership with Cape Software to provide affordable and expandable operator training simulators (OTS) aimed at enhancing the skills and knowledge of Yokogawa Centum VP and CS 3000 users.
Cape has created large scale operator training simulators for Yokogawa (and other manufacturer’s) control systems for over 15 years. Now we are working together to market a full function OTS but scaled back to make it affordable for your plant. We are taking the bottom up, "building block" approach which allows you to build your OTS the way you want and as your needs demand.

We give you a choice of several standard, generic processes and with approximately 50 tags and associated loops in each (depending upon the process). The functionality of the OTS includes:

Train the operator in control terms, concepts, screen navigation and responding to alarm situations.
Ability to create manual process upsets during your operator training.
Adjust the amount of "process noise" in your loops to practice loop tuning.
Increase operator confidence in their abilities and the control systems capabilities
Prepare plant personnel for a change in technology prior to its arrival at the plant.

Additional uses and options
Using the "building block" approach allows you to add selected plant/process controls plus their graphics as you need them.•  OTS can be customized to your site and be used for de-bugging graphics, control program changes and new process loops before you load them to your Centum VP or CS 3000 system.•  More personnel can help with factory acceptance testing of process graphics and control programs.•  The OTS response can be modeled to your actual process reaction•  Partner with Yokogawa to achieve world class operator certification and benchmarking programs.•  Your plant can now have certification and benchmarking programs for your operation personnel.•  OTS startup and training assistance. We can train your plant instruction personnel how to startup and reset the OTS conditions prior to operator benchmarking or testing plus how to induce process problems.•  Give plant DCS engineers a "practice plant" to make control application changes safely and without consequences.•  Additional Yokogawa software packages to match your current configuration can be added at anytime•  Updating of your OTS to match the current revision of your control systems software.So what’s included?•  2 PCs and monitors to start your OTS system•  Centum VP or CS 3000 basic Human Interface Station (HIS) operation and engineering software (PC #1)•  Cape operator training simulator for the selected OTS (PC #2)•  Selected generic process with basic operation procedures plus OTS functional guide materials•  GB switch and cables•  Loading and testing of all software•  Shipping to your site (within the U.S.)The list price of less than $70,000 allows you to easily get a simulator into your plant and then increase its capabilities and functionalities as your budget permits. Again, Cape’s OTS software is the same full function software you would get with their large scale plant simulations. We have scaled back the processes to allow you to build your OTS from the bottom up. The sizing and scope of the OTS is strictly up to you.

Too good to be true? Ask your salesman to set up a WebEx demonstration or contact the Education Center directly at 281-340-3800.

Yokogawa and Cape Software will continue to release low priced operator training simulators that target different basic processes. As your workforce is changing constantly, the operator training simulator will help your personnel learn basic process control in a more efficient and economical manner.

Yokogawa Corporation - www.yokogawa.com/us

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