Digital I/O Modules

May 13, 2011
ACS Motion Control, an international manufacturer of advanced multi-axis motion and machine control systems, has developed digital input/output modules that feature an EtherCAT interface.

The SPiiPlus IOMnt EtherCAT digital I/O modules offer an economical and compact design featuring up to 32 inputs and 32 outputs, with minimal power dissipation.

The SPiiPlus IOMnt inputs are designed to meet EN 61131-2, type 3 (24V source type) and are functionally and pin compatible with Beckhoff EL1862/1872. The outputs are 24V/0.5A each, source type, fully protected and are also functionally and pin compatible with Beckhoff EL2872. One IOMnt-32-32 can replace two units of EL1872, two units of EL2872 and the EK1100 Ethercat bus coupler in a more compact package at a lower cost. Optional breakout screw terminal kits are available for easy prototyping.

"The SPiiPlus IOMnt I/O modules are designed for adding scalable digital I/O to an EtherCAT control network. These modules act as slave devices to ACS EtherCAT master controllers or third party EtherCAT masters, and can be processed by the master in a millisecond or less, allowing them to be used in demanding applications" said Jason Goerges, Sales and Support Manger at ACS Motion Control. "Many IOMnt EtherCAT slave devices can be used on a single EtherCAT network to provide compact and economical solutions for applications with a high number of I/O points."

Featuring four 20-pin connectors, one per 16 channels plus power connections, the SPiiPlus IOMnt EtherCAT digital I/O modules enable secure connection of plug connectors using insulation displacement contacts, such as ribbon cables. In addition, the insulation displacement contacts greatly simplify the wiring process for multiple I/Os. A 64-LED display shows the logical states of the inputs and outputs. The SPiiPlus IOMnt product family includes the following modules:

• SPiiPlus IOMnt-8-8 8+8 inputs and outputs

• SPiiPlus IOMnt-16-16 16+16 inputs and outputs

• SPiiPlus IOMnt-32-16 32+16 inputs and outputs

• SPiiPlus IOMnt-32-32 32+32 inputs and outputs

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