Position Sensors Add EtherNet/IP

Expanding the range of available interfaces, Temposonics R-Series magnetostrictive sensors are now compatible with EtherNet/IP devices.

Aw 782 1103 Par Np21

Designed to provide high speed, accuracy and durability in linear position sensing for industrial automation equipment and machinery, R-Series sensors are available in a variety of mechanical styles, ranging from 25mm to 20,000mm, and feature position-sensing resolution as low as 1 micron (0.00004 in). With interface choices including analog, SSI, DeviceNet, Profibus, CANbus, EtherCat, Powerlink and now EtherNet/IP, the sensors provide smart programmability, allowing configurations to be stored and recalled directly at the PLC/HMI for faster set-up times.

MTS Systems Corp., Sensors Division

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