Terminal Block Line Features 20 New Accessories

Twenty accessories, including WAGO-exclusive models, have joined WAGO Corporation's TOPJOB®S Terminal Block family.

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Designed as time-saving accessories, the Modular Connectors, Vertical Jumpers, Colored Jumpers and Component Plugs conveniently enable users to extend TOPJOB®S functionality.

Modular Connectors: Push-in Jumper Slot Connector and exclusive Conductor Entry Connector can be configured for test harnesses or serve as permanent pluggable connectors. TOPJOB®S terminal blocks have an exclusive retention spring for vibration-proof connections of jumpers and modular connectors.

Vertical Jumpers: TOPJOB®S Vertical Jumpers convert a multi-level terminal block into a common potential. Available in two- or three-levels, Vertical Jumpers streamline stocking - specify one multi-level block and field-modify with appropriate jumper for potential conversion.

Colored Jumpers: Available in red or blue and from two- to 10-pole configurations. Colored Jumpers can be used to indicate positive (+) and negative (-) signals for sensor applications.

Component Plugs: Among nine Component Plugs are two market-exclusives: a mini-PCB-compatible variant and component plug model that inserts into the jumper locations of two adjacent TOJPJOB®S terminal blocks. The jumper-compatible model also features an integrated retention spring for vibration-proof connections. Component Plugs create custom products by adding diodes (backlash protection), small resistors (signal conversion or leakage current) or mini-PCBs (custom circuits).

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