Managed Ethernet Switches

Advantech Industrial Automation Group introduces two new 8-port EN50155 IP67 managed Ethernet switches, the EKI-6558TI and EKI-6559TMI.

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The EN50155 certification and redundant X-Ring allows for trusted connection to Ethernet networks, which is particularly useful for passenger information and video surveillance systems. With IP67 rated housings and vibration- resistant M12 connectors, these switches are built to withstand tough environments and ensure reliable transmissions.

The EKI-6558TI and EKI-6559TMI have watertight and weatherproof cases to protect against mechanical stress, moisture and condensation, dirt, dust or vibrations. The EKI-6559TMI offers two fiber optic ports to guarantee interference-free connections and extend communication range.

Fulfills a wide range of industrial applications:

1. The EN50155 certification for railway application requirements guarantees reliable performance under stressful conditions, such as voltage spikes, interruption of voltage supply, cool weather, dry heat, bumps, vibration, shock, surges, PF magnetic fields, pulse magnetic fields, and conducted emissions.

2. For passenger information systems, this allows these modules to connect with LCD and LED display boards.

3. For video surveillance systems, this guarantees these devices can reliably connect with cameras for a variety of applications.

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