Module Provides Encoder Interface

The Snap-SCM-SSI I/O module offers a communications interface between digital encoders and the vendor’s Snap PAC System I/O processors or programmable automation controllers.

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The Snap-SCM-SSI I/O module provides two isolated serial synchronous inputs (SSI) for acquiring data from optical and mechanical encoders and other types of linear and rotary transducers. The Snap-SCM-SSI accommodates an SSI clock frequency of up to 2.5MHz, functions at cable lengths up to 500 feet, and can be configured for clock frequency, data bits (i.e., encoder resolution), time interval between data samples and more. The module can be used with both Snap PAC Ethernet (EB-series) and Snap PAC serial (SB-series) I/O processors, standard Snap PAC standalone and rack-mounted controllers, and all Snap PAC Wired+Wireless controllers.

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