Industrial Safety Lines Debut

Two series of industrial safety light curtains are designed for human protection and product/machine safety where risks cannot be eliminated by machine design and the process might require frequent and open access during operation.

Aw 937 1102 Np06

The YBB-14 series has a 14mm sensing resolution for finger-size protection and an operating distance of up to 3.5 meters; protective heights range from 142mm to 1,045mm. The YBB-30 light curtain series has a 30mm sensing resolution for hand protection and an operating distance of up to 12 meters; protective heights range from 279mm to 1,827mm. Also available is a line of machine guarding safety switches to detect unsafe conditions and isolate power. Normally closed contacts are used for a positive break and redundant normally closed contact and normally open feedback outputs are available. The safety switches cannot be easily defeated, says the vendor, and all units have CE, UL and CSA approvals. Four bases are available: 30mm plastic, 50mm zinc alloy, 40mm aluminum and 60mm aluminum. Interlocks types include tongue (key), shaft hinge, lever hinge interlocks and pull-cord actuators with reset for emergency stop or without reset for simple stop.


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