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32-Axis EtherCat Motion Controller

The SPiiPlus NTM is a standalone EtherCat master controller designed to operate complex machine control tasks such as application programs, communication with the host PC or HMI, safety and error handling, and multi-axis motion profile generation.

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The SPiiPlus NTM can control up to 32 axes of fully synchronized motion, with all real-time control tasks handled by slave drives. Providing a small footprint and low cost, the SPiiPlus NTM controls the following slave modules from the vendor to provide additional drive and I/O capabilities: MC4Udc—up to 8 axis drive chassis for servo/stepper motors; UDMnt—up to 2 axis drive module for servo/stepper motors; SDMnt—up to 8 axis stepper drive module; PDMnt—up to 4 axis Pulse/Direction Interface module; IOMnt—up to 32/32 digital I/O module. In addition, the SPiiPlus NTM controller can control any third-party EtherCat drive or I/O modules that are qualified by the vendor.

ACS Motion Control

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