Integrated Connector System

Jan. 10, 2011
MTS Systems Sensors Division has announced that its Temposonics® integrated connector system meeting IP 69K requirements is now available for all products in the M-Series sensor family.

Developed for reliable position measurement in mobile off-road machines, these sensors can be embedded within a hydraulic cylinder, employing click-on mounting that saves time and increases the safety of the sensor installation. The sensor can be installed within the cylinder and connected within seconds without concerns about wire preparation, polarity errors or "cold" solder joints.

Developed initially for the MH sensor, the connector system was adopted quickly by leading hydraulic cylinder and mobile machine manufacturers. After further development and optimization, the unit can now be used to facilitate mounting and ensure safe connection of the compact Temposonics MS sensors as well as the redundant Temposonics MT sensors.

The connector system complies with the highest level of protection required for DIN EN 60529. With protection type IP 69K, the robust metal housing is not only absolutely dustproof, but waterproof as well. It is able to withstand the harshest cleaning environments including high-pressure equipment.

The connector system is prefabricated and delivered in conjunction with the M-Series position sensors, so its contact carrier is already connected to the sensor conductors. When mounting, the contact carrier is taken out of the cylinder through a bore hole, and the flanged housing can be clicked into position easily from the outside. During installation of the cylinder unit into the mobile machine, the mating cable can be connected at different angles to comply with cable routing requirements. The minimized installation height of the connector system ensures successful cylinder mounting even under limited space conditions.

This integrated M12 connector means no more pins to crimp on ends of wires, no more loose connector pins, no more wires to solder, and no chance of mis-wiring the connector.

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