Refrigeration Quick Disconnect

FasTest introduces its new Refrigeration Quick Disconnect (RQD) for reliable connections to refrigerant lines for charging or evacuating cooling appliances and applications under high pressure.

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Accommodating industry’s increasing refrigerant pressure operation requirements, the RQD is rated up to 750 psi. The RQD delivers safe and repeatable high-pressure connections to 1/4-inch and 3/8-inch male PCU, Hansen or similar style tips.

In the past, R-22 or similar refrigerants — used in air conditioning units, refrigerators and more—operated at lower pressures, allowing plant manufacturing personnel to manually overcome the lower pressures and make connections at Charge, Run Test and Evac. Due to the Montreal Protocol and other standards designed to increase efficiency and lower environmental contamination, the new refrigerants operate at much higher pressures, requiring operators to use modified tooling and a great deal of force to overcome the higher pressures to make connections to PCU, Hansen or equivalent style tips. The RQD utilizes a unique lever action, requiring minimal physical effort and adding the mechanical advantage of the lever design to open the valve. The simple, two-step connection process reduces worker fatigue and increases manufacturing productivity.

The RQD features a locking mechanism to prevent accidental disconnect under pressure. Upon disconnect, the RQD vents residual pressure with minimal media loss—meeting even the most stringent state environmental regulations. Manufactured with durable, black oxide steel construction, the RQD offers easy maintenance for extended connector service life—minimizing the need for costly replacements and production downtime.

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