Inspection Monitor and Positioning Sensor

SICK, one of the world's leading manufacturers of sensors, safety systems, machine vision, and automatic identification products for factory and logistics automation, today announced it will launch two new products at the show: The Inspector Viewer and the Inspector P30 Positioning Sensor.

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Inspector Viewer
The Viewer is a compact, real-time, touch-screen monitor that provides advanced monitoring and trending capabilities for Inspector Vision Sensors - right next to the production line. Users will instantly get information about multiple inspections in order to improve quality and throughput. It is ideal for the packaging and food and beverage markets - monitor label inspection and logo verification via live or logged images, for example.

Features include:

  Perform trending and analysis
  View live or logged images and statistics from the Inspectors
  Easily re-teach the reference image to handle batch switching
  Save and export configurations from and to Inspectors
  Continuously store images from the Inspector on the Viewer

P30 Positioning Sensor
When the challenge is to find right position, the Inspector P-series' part positioning tool set provides a precise positioning point of a known target. For example, a grip hole or the center position of a free-form target, such as food picked from a belt. These sensors are immune to variations in ambient light and slight distance variations do not affect them.

The vision sensors provide statistical data that shows precise pixel coordinates and angle over Ethernet, as well as a directional guidance over digital outputs.

Features include:

  High-speed positioning and guidance
  Flexible method for part location (object locator or blob locator tools)
  Additional digital output for directional output
  Precise pixel position via Ethernet
  Lower-cost, vision-based solution


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