Motor Controllers

Dec. 10, 2010
Carlo Gavazzi has recently launched their RSQK Series high power intelligent soft starts, which are designed to improve performance of industrial applications.
They decrease of the "wear and tear" of mechanical transmission components (such as belts) and assure the reduction of high starting currents and of mechanical stress on gears, shafts and pulleys, thanks to a smooth and step-less acceleration and deceleration. While Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) have a strong market share in the low power range (0.5 to 5HP), RSQK soft starts are the perfect solution for industrial applications in higher power range (>100Hp). The cost advantage of this new device, compared to VFDs, raises as it can be connected inside the motor delta. In this way, a smaller soft start can be used for the same motor rating. Furthermore, the RSQK Series features are well suited for applications such as controlling large pumps, fans and mixers in 200-500 HP range, that generally require only a limited number of starts and stops. Compared to other soft starts, the RSQK Series soft starts are provided with an automatic energy optimizing feature that can successfully increase efficiency, especially in lightly loaded applications, thus saving energy without any drawbacks on the motor or system. The device is also provided with an automatic application setup, thus guaranteeing lower installation costs and quicker commissioning. Some key technical specifications include:  3-phase controlled soft start with internal bypass  UL listed range: 23-900 Amps at 230 and 480VAC  Automatic energy optimizing feature  6-button keypad with LCD display for continuous display of relevant parameters  Motors, resistive (heater) control and inductive (transformer) loads  In-line or inside delta wiring operation capability  Maximum UL motor rating at 460VAC: 750 horsepower  Up to 12 starts per hour  History of last 5 trips  Optional Modbus and remote keypad operation for multiple soft start control  cULus listed and CE marked The RSQK Series is available from Carlo Gavazzi's North American network of sales offices, distributors or

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