Ethernet Switches

The Industrial Automation Group of Advantech introduces a new series of compact Ethernet switches to focus on machine and factory automation applications.

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These switches include full Gigabit (EKI-2728MI, EKI-2748FI, and EKI-2748CI) and 10/100M Ethernet (EKI-2548I, EKI-2548SI, and EKI-2548MI). They are compact and able to meet a wide range of communication needs.

To enhance the connection reliability, the EKI-2748 modules are equipped with DMI (Digital Monitoring Interface) that can monitor the status of the SFP module, including temperature, voltage, current, and Tx and Rx power. To simply the configuration process and port alarm, the EKI-2548 modules feature DIP switch configuration.

These compact and wide temperature compliant systems are easily installed in small places and support X-Ring (recovery time <10ms), providing secure data communication, reliability, and high-speed network infrastructures.

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