Linear Actuators for Hazardous Environments

Dec. 7, 2010
Exlar’s GSX and GSM linear actuators now offer Class I, Division 2 Certification, expanding the company’s actuator line for operation in hazardous environments.
With this new option, the GSX and GSM actuators offer the same reliable product performance of the standard offerings, including a roller screw mechanism for efficiently converting electric motor power into linear motion. Now, the Class I, Division 2 certified GSX and GSM linear actuators provide a powerful and robust linear solution for use in locations where flammable gases, vapors or dusts occur. Ideally suited for process control valve and damper applications, Exlar’s GSX and GSM linear actuators provide continuous hold on the position of the valve stem or shaft. This allows for an extremely fast response to even the smallest command signal changes without overshoot—even when friction is present. This design results in improved loop performance and reduced process variability. To meet application requirements, the Class I, Division 2 linear actuators are also available with resolver feedback and handwheel options. Additional features include:T-Lam™ segmented lamination stator technology, providing increased, continuous motor torque Up to 33 in. per second linear speeds Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C and D certified Terminal box with NPT ports Exlar’s GSX and GSM Class I, Division 2 linear actuators are well-suited for many applications, such as:Chemical Processing Turbine Control Fuel Skids Oil & Gas Upstream & Downstream Power Utilities Pulp & Paper GSX Series actuators combine a brushless servo motor, an inverted roller screw and an encoder/resolver feedback source into a single compact assembly, eliminating the cost and complexity of a system’s engineering approach. This design allows these actuators to be used in state-of-the art closed loop servo systems, where electronic control of positioning and velocity is required. Ensuring long performance life —up to 15 times the life of a ball screw actuator—GSX actuators deliver high speeds and forces, even in harsh environments. Exlar’s GSM Series of linear actuators provides a cost-effective solution for replacing ball screw actuators, offering up to 5 times the travel life in a completely integrated actuator. Incorporating Exlar’s roller screw technology with an integral brushless servo motor, the GSM Series delivers a smaller package with higher speed and load capacity for medium to high performance motion control applications. Exlar Corporation -

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