Actuator Integrates Drive/Guidance

Linear motion has traditionally required separate components to handle both drive and guidance.

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The SAA06 Motorized SplineRail Linear Actuator simplifies this by combining both functions in a single, coaxial component. When mounted vertically, the actuator can be used to simultaneously lift and rotate (Z-theta motion).  With one motor driving the screw and a second rotating the rail, a self-supporting pick-and-place mechanism can be created.  Screw leads are available from 0.05-in. to 1.2-in. per revolution. The actuator uses a precision-rolled lead screw, supported by bearings and contained within a concentric aluminum spline, driving an integrated composite polymer nut/bushing. The motorized version of the actuator uses the vendor's size 17 single-stack or double-stack stepper motor.

Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions Inc.

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