New Brochure on Connectors

Nov. 30, 2010
FasTest announces its TwistMate® Brochure is now available for complimentary download and in print by request.
Detailing FasTest’s full product family of TwistMate connectors, plugs and caps, this comprehensive brochure provides fast, leak-tight threaded connector solutions. FasTest TwistMate connectors are available in the broadest selection of options, making them ideal solutions for numerous applications, including testing, filling, flushing, plugging, calibrating or venting. The connectors allow finger-tightened seals up to 10,000 psi, satisfying high-pressure pneumatic and hydraulic testing requirements. Offering a unique twist-to-connect and pressure-assisted, grip-and-seal design, TwistMate connectors allow easy and reliable connections to threaded ports and fittings, increasing productivity, quality and safety.The TwistMate Brochure features the improved, durable MIT (internal) and MET (external) connectors—now constructed with heavy-duty stainless steel for reliable performance in corrosive environments. MIT, MET and additional TwistMate connectors eliminate thread or product damage that can result from traditional sealing methods involving sealants and wrench tightening. TwistMate connectors are simply twisted to finger-tight onto the thread profile, automatically sealing connectors against the face of the threads when the system is pressurized with air, gas or hydraulic pressure. This automatic internal piston action maintains the seal with minimum pressure.An instructive overview of TwistMate technology and application, combined with an easy-to-read layout of connector products, allows users to quickly identify the ideal connector solution for their application. Providing simple, step-by-step directions, the TwistMate Brochure guides users in connector use and technique to create a leak-tight seal. Connectors—listed by model and thread profile type—are available for the following male and female thread profiles:•  NPT •  SAE O-Ring Boss •  BSPP •  BSPT •  ISO O-Ring Metric Learn more about FasTest TwistMate connectors and download the free brochure here.

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