Enhanced Version of Centum VP

Nov. 22, 2010
Yokogawa Electric Corporation announces that it will release version R4.03 of the company’s flagship product, the CENTUM® VP integrated production control system, on November 11.

CENTUM VP is a core platform of the VigilantPlant® concept of realizing the ideal plant. This new version includes enhanced security functions, a new batch management package, and improved HART® communication support. These changes will enable our customers to achieve a higher level of safety, reliability, and productivity.

Development Background
In recent years, our customers have had to deal with drastic changes in their market environment and respond to a diverse range of consumer needs. It is imperative that they adjust and optimize their plant operations in response to these market changes and innovations in production technologies. In the knowledge that safety, reliability, and productivity are the key factors in plant operations, Yokogawa has been providing the requisite products, solutions, and services. The CENTUM VP integrated production control system is at the core of this product offering that realizes our VigilantPlant vision of the ideal plant.

With this new version, Yokogawa has focused on strengthening CENTUM VP’s security functions to protect against cyber threats and on enhancing support of the HART communication protocol. A batch management package with reconfigured operation screens is also provided to improve the productivity of batch processes*. In support of its customers’ long-term efforts to develop their businesses, Yokogawa will continue to improve its products.

CENTUMVP R4.03 Features
1. Security enhancements
Since an increasing number of general-purpose PCs and network devices are being incorporated in production control systems, it has become more important to have cyber-security measures in place that will protect these systems against computer viruses and the like. For CENTUM VP, which makes use of PCs and network devices in its human machine interface (HMI) and other components, we have made changes to its security setting function and taken other measures that enhance security.

A new function has also been added that coordinates modifications to user accounts with an information technology (IT) management system. This makes it easier to modify and delete a user account when an operator is transferred or retired, thereby reducing the risk of access from an unauthorized account.

2. Enhancements to the batch management package
The batch management package for CENTUM systems has been updated and released as VP Batch. The operation screens have been reconfigured to improve ease of use.

3. HART communication support for legacy CENTUM systems
New IO modules and signal conditioner cards that support the HART communication protocol have been added, and are compatible with legacy CENTUM systems such as CENTUM-XL and Micro XL. When a CENTUM user migrates to CENTUM VP, HART devices can be introduced at minimum cost by utilizing existing wiring.

Main Target Markets
Process control and monitoring of plants in industries such as oil and gas, petrochemicals, chemicals, electric power, pulp and paper, pharmaceuticals, foods and beverages, iron and steel, and water supply and sewage treatment.

Control and monitoring of plants and production equipment

* Batch process: A method for manufacturing a variety of products in variable amounts that has mainly been adopted by the chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries. The product recipe and production volume is changed for each production run. In contrast, a continuous process keeps producing the same product for long periods of time without stopping.

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