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Smart Modular Power Analyzer

Carlo Gavazzi Inc. proudly announces the launch of the new WM40-96 Smart Modular Power Analyzer.

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This addition to the already extensive line of energy meters is an ideal solution for measuring electrical variables - such as current, voltage, power, energy and harmonics - in each application where parameters analysis, control, data stamping and retransmission must be very accurate. With its streamlined modular basic unit and plug in modules, WM40-96 can be used in almost any application. Furthermore, this extremely compact modular power analyzer allows consumers to save space in the back side of control doors and switchgears.

This new smart modular power analyzer is provided with an advanced keypad and an innovative display that includes five rows of measurements and bar-graph power demand indicator. Front optical communication port is also available, thus enabling quick access to measurements and easy programming. Optional hardware expansion modules include: serial, Ethernet and BACNet communication with or without onboard storage for data logging, digital inputs, static, relay and analog outputs. In addition to electrical measurements, the WM40-96 is capable of temperature and process signal measurements. Some key technical specifications include:

  • Main module plus up to three optional expansion modules
  • Works with single, two and three phase systems
  • 400/690 VLL or 100/208VLL versions available
  • 90-260V AC/DC or 18-60V AC/DC supply options
  • 0.2% current/voltage accuracy
  • Class 0.5 (kWh) according to ANSI C21.1 (revenue grade)
  • Communication protocols: MODBUS-RTU, iFIX SCADA compatibility, MODBUS TCP/IP Ethernet, BACNet-IP over Ethernet
  • System variables: VLL, VLN, AL, AN, VA, W, var, PF, phase sequence, asymmetry
  • Harmonic analysis: THD, TDD K-factor up to 32nd V and I
  • Real time clock and run hours counter
  • Optional front optical communications
  • Free setup software
  • Energy measurement: imported/exported, total and partial kWh and kvarh
  • Works with PowerSoft, Carlo Gavazzi Energy Management software
  • Front protection: IP65, NEMA 4X, NEMA12
  • 96 x 96mm front panel dimension
  • Behind panel depth: 30mm minimum; 82mm maximum with 3 expansion modules
  • ≤ 6 digital inputs, 8 static outputs, 6 relay outputs
  • ≤ 4 analog outputs (+20mA, +10VDC)
  • ≤ 16 freely configurable virtual alarms with OR/AND logic
  • Temperature (Pt) and process (20mA) signal
  • Application adaptive display & programming procedure
  • cUL listed and CE marked

The WM40 Series is available from Carlo Gavazzi's North American network of sales offices, distributors or

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