Illuminated Push Button for Vehicle Applications

Elobau Sensor Technology Inc. introduces its 151PTO push button for vehicle applications.

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This new PTO is based on Reed switch technology and has a lower profile then existing PTO push buttons. It is designed to be incorporated in a cab of many types of commercial vehicles.

The 151PTO has lighting, which enables "day and night" functions as required by many vehicle applications. The 151PTO has symbol plate location at the front of its housing, and can be customized to accommodate specific symbols. The 151PTO features reliable non-contact Reed switch technology. A magnet moves along a Reed element, located in the push-button housing. The switching power is 10W/VA under 48V maximum switching voltage, with a maximum switching current of 0.3 Amps. The electrical connection is through 5 wires, with a standard Molex plug.

The non-contact Reed switch technology ensures a longer service life, guaranteed to 4 million switching operations. The 151PTO push-button operates in a range from -40ºC to +85ºC (-13ºF to +175ºF). The robust rubber boot provides an IP67 protection class above the mounting panel. The push button is tested to DIN IEC 68 Part 2, and materials used have a high chemical resistance.

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