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Spring-Engaged, Hydraulically Disengaged Caliper Brakes

Nexen Group Inc. announces Spring-Engaged, Hydraulically Disengaged Caliper Brakes for dynamic braking and static holding applications.

Aw 1200 1011 Nexen Pr

Providing reliable operation at temperatures as low as -30 degrees Fahrenheit, these brakes out-perform traditional pneumatically actuated brakes and clutches that offer a minimum operating range of 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

Nexen Spring-Engaged, Hydraulically Disengaged Caliper Brakes feature fixed-point pivots, allowing equal braking force applied to both sides of the brake rotor. Various friction materials can be specified for different applications to maximize the brake performance, delivering out-of-box torque and long friction pad life—even for extremely high-energy applications. Plus, quick-release pins allow easy brake shoe removal from the actuator arms for easy friction pad replacement.

The actuator uses a novel nested spring design, which minimizes any spring force losses while also offering the versatility to modify the braking torque based on specific application requirements. Ports with large Cv values ensure fast actuation, even when the hydraulic fluid is at lower temperature. Various disengagement pressures are available, ranging from 75 psi minimum to 1500 psi maximum, and the actuator also features manual disengagement options, allowing safe and easy service of the system.

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