Video: New Plug & Play Servo System

Nov. 18, 2010
Recognizing that design engineers today face increasing responsibilities and time constraints, while heeding the adage that "seeing is believing", Bison Gear & Engineering Corp. has released a video demonstrating how its new ServoNOW™ motion control system can go from out of the box to running in less than 5 minutes.

The new ServoNOW™ integrated servo system incorporates a closed loop brushless servo motor with built-in driver, controller, encoder and 110/220VAC universal power supply in a single compact package to reduce installation time, wiring complexity and cost for users.

The new video on Bison's website demonstrates how the ServoNOW™ motion control system can be quickly hooked up, programmed and monitored using a standard PC through a built-in USB port. Up to 32 index motion profiles in velocity or positioning are easily integrated with its QuickLaunch software control program. ServoNOW™ features include four programmable digital inputs and outputs, analog I/O (0 to 10VDC or 4 to 20MA, 12 bit), and 4096 counts position resolution.

"The ServoNOW™ system was specifically designed to enable specialty machine builders, OEMs and others to quickly and easily apply motion control in their applications," said John Morehead, Bison vice president of strategic planning and marketing. "This new video is a simple, no-frills demonstration of how easily anyone can take this new motion control system from out of the box to running in 5 minutes or less. By comparison, I've seen others produce a 20 minute video just showing how to wire up a servo drive alone to a motor."

Bison's initial ServoNOW™ product offering includes 5 standard, 34 frame models made up of both high speed (6900 rpm) and high torque (3600 rpm) variations with peak torques up to 310 oz in (2.19 N-m). Available accessories include a breakout board package allowing the machine designer to connect all the required I/O to the ServoNOW™ I/O connector and an integration board for use where computer access is limited or unavailable. They are ideally suited for factory automation, packaging equipment, and other specialty machinery applications.

The new ServoNOW™ integrated brushless servo systems are American-made and stocked in Bison's suburban Chicago facility to ensure reliable, long-life operation and prompt supply chain fulfillment. For customers of Bison's North American and global distribution partners, the ServoNOW™ products are part of Bison Gear's comprehensive In-Stock, Instant-Ship (ISIS) program that supports Bison's distribution partners and web customers by offering same day shipment for orders received before noon (Central Time). For volume OEM applications, Bison's Innopreneurial™ application and design engineering capabilities can be utilized to customize the standard ServoNOW™ models to meet application specific requirements.

To view the video, please click here.

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