New Brochure on Web-Enabled HMIs

Nov. 18, 2010
Red Lion Controls, Inc. announces the latest G3 Series Brochure—featuring Red Lion's complete line of G3 and G3 Kadet™ HMIs—is now available by mail or downloadable at

The 10-page, full color brochure details the company's complete offering of web-enabled HMI products, as well as tables and diagrams illustrating and comparing each product's advanced features, such as display size and resolution and communications capabilities. Providing a comprehensive overview of this proven platform, the user-friendly G3 Series HMI Brochure serves as a valuable industry resource for determining the appropriate HMI to suit unique application requirements.

Red Lion's G3 Series HMIs combine sophisticated data logging, remote monitoring and the most on-board communications ports in the industry to deliver comprehensive, yet cost-effective data management. Increasing application flexibility with 11 new operator interface models, the G3 Series delivers complete HMI functionality for PLCs, motor drives and other communication-capable devices. Employing customer-suggested features, the new models provide isolated serial ports for protection in harsh electrical environments. Additionally, two USB hosts allow for extra connectivity and updated displays with 32K color create more vibrant application images. All models feature an integrated web server, plus a built-in protocol converter that supports more than 200 different industrial protocols—providing the most flexible, powerful data management platform on the market.

In addition to the G3 Series, the brochure details Red Lion's economical G3 Kadet operator panels, which provide an effective solution for simple protocol conversion and machine control. The G3 Kadet Series delivers efficient process monitoring and control in applications not requiring FTP access, data logging and web server capabilities. Offering the same high performance and many of the same features as the G3 Series, the G3 Kadets provide multiple serial ports, port sharing capabilities and integrated Ethernet on the 6-inch model for simultaneous communications between multiple devices.

The G3 Series HMI Brochure also informs users about Red Lion's universal Crimson® 3.0 software, which is utilized by both standard G3 Series HMIs and the G3 Kadet Series. The HMIs are easily programmed using Crimson's drag-and-drop interface—allowing users to efficiently set up control application devices, collect and log performance data, display it or trigger PLC functions. Serving as a useful product guide, the brochure provides a comprehensive specifications chart listing the various sizes, display types, keypad, resolution, ports and option cards that are available. With detailed tables and product images, users can easily compare different HMI models to appropriately select and accommodate their data management needs.

To download or request the G3 Series HMI Brochure, visit

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