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EtherCAT Motion Controllers

ACS Motion Control, an international manufacturer of advanced multi-axis motion and machine controllers, has developed an advanced motion controller designed to address requirements of the most demanding industrial applications, the new family of the SPiiPlus EtherCAT controllers address the needs of high performance machinery with demanding multi-axis motion of up to 32 axes and soon up to 64 axes.

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The SPiiPlus EtherCAT Master Controllers are built on the field proven high performance line of SPiiPlus controllers, adding networking, scalability, and flexibility, addressing the needs of the state of the art industrial equipment at a better cost. The SPiiPlus EtherCAT Master enables users to link together up to 32 axes of drives and many I/O modules made by ACS Motion Control, as well as third party EtherCAT modules that have been qualified by ACS and comply with the CANOpen Over EtherCAT (CoE) protocol.

All axes on the EtherCAT network are fully synchronized to a 20kHz sampling and servo update rate with a time jitter of less than 0.1 microseconds, providing a level of performance and synchronization unrivaled in other multi-axis motion control solutions

Currently, ACS offers a family of EtherCAT master controllers:

  • SPiiPlusNT –EtherCAT master control plugged into MC4U multiaxis drive chassis
  • SPiiPlusNTM – Standalone EtherCAT master controller
  • SPiiPlusSC – PC (software) based EtherCAT master controller

As well as the following EtherCAT slave drives and I/O modules:

  • SPiiPlusDC – An EtherCAT slave drive controller that enables the whole line of MC4U multi-axis universal drive modules with power range of 100W up to 10kW per axis to behave as EtherCAT slave devices.
  • SPiiPlus UDMnt – Single and dual axis economical Universal Drive Modules for brush or brushless servomotors, open or closed loop stepper motors (2 or 5 phase), voice coil motors
    SPiiPlus SDMnt – Four and eight axis economical Stepper Drive Modules for microstepping applications
  • SPiiPlus PDMnt – Four axis interface to stepper and servo drives with Pulse/Direction interface
  • SPiiPlus IOMnt – Digital IO module with 8 inputs and 8 outputs

By choosing the proper master controller and slave drive, I/O, or drive interface modules, the user can create a fully tailored motion control solution from standard modules to minimize design time and cost, while maintaining the highest levels of motion performance. A full software development suite with tools for motion programming, 8 channel scope with data logging, system setup configuration, and graphical servo analysis accompanies and supports all products within the EtherCAT product family.

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