Terminal Blocks Simplify DCS Marshalling

The WMF 2.5 terminal block series is specifically designed for the challenging demands of DCS marshalling applications—notably to simplify wiring, reduce required cabinet space, increase functionality, and expand wire routing and signal distribution capabilities.

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Boasting a width of just 5mm, the WMF 2.5 terminal block series features new functions including feed-through, fusing and quick disconnects. The WMF 2.5 terminals incorporate advances such as an integrated shield or ground (PE) connection, and three separate jumpering channels to accommodate parallel and series jumpering. In addition to the ability to terminate each individual signal with a screw connection, the WMF 2.5 series offers the option to use a pre-assembled cable that features the vendor’s pluggable BLZ connectors. The connectors can be plugged directly into the bank of terminal blocks, creating a “plug-and-play” option that reduces wiring time.


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