Rugged, Compact Absolute Encoders

Kübler 2430 shaft and 2440 hollow shaft miniature encoders are now available in absolute versions.

Aw 1237 1011 E Turck

The encoders boast a 24mm diameter housing that suits them well for space-restricted areas, with a non-contact design that minimizes wear—delivering exceptional ruggedness in a compact package, says the vendor. Rather than determining encoder position based upon the home position, as incremental varieties do, 2430 and 2440 absolute encoders assign a unique output for each position. With this design, the encoders retain specific position data, even if equipment power is turned off. All 2430 and 2440 miniature encoders deliver a maximum speed rating of 12,000RPM, plus a temperature range of -20ºC to 85ºC.

Turck Inc.

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