Programmable Dual-line Display Meter

The PAX2A Dual Line Display Meter can display input, total, minimum, maximum or set points on a 0.7-in. high 6-digit main LCD display, which offers three programmable colors: red, orange and green.

Aw 1238 1011 E Redlion

Color change can be tied to the set points, providing the operator with a visual display of changing conditions in the application—with updates up to 160 times per second. The panel meter also features a second display line—with a 0.35-in. high 9-digit green LCD display that can also be programmed, and accommodates totalizing applications that easily exceed a normal 6-digit display. The dual-line display meter accepts DC current, DC voltage, process signal, and thermocouple and RTD temperature sensor inputs. The PAX2A also supports universal power input—from 50-250VAC or 21.6-250VDC. Built-in Modbus communications in addition to field-installable option cards: RS232, RS485, DeviceNet and Profibus allow communications across a multitude of protocols.

Red Lion Controls Inc.

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