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RTU Extends Capabilities

The T-BOX LP wireless RTU is said to provide unprecedented functionality in an ultra-low-power product by bringing IP/Web/telemetry technology and programmable automation capabilities to a product class that is normally limited to monitoring and data logging.

Aw 1239 1011 E Sema

The T-BOX LP enables the integration of SCADA systems, control and communications functionality in a single rugged package. It leverages easy-to-use Web technologies and inexpensive public networks for decentralized monitoring and control. Using push messaging via e-mail, text or IP communications, the T-BOX LP system informs multiple recipients of alarms, live conditions and historical data logs. It is also fully compatible with the vendor’s TWinSoft Suite programmable automation environment, which simplifies configuration of application-specific calculations and control algorithms. Available in a compact, IP67 enclosure, the T-BOX LP RTU provides long life using internal batteries and also operates with solar power systems.


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